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Injection molding​

​Top-Print International ApS started making molds and tools for injection molding in 1961, however, in 1966 we began to execute injection molding, and have done this for 50 years.

We offer injection molding and manufacturing of molds

Injection molding can be made of everything that consist of plastic, this could be cups, plates or something else. You are able to provide your own mold/tools, but if you do not have a mold/tools we can offer to manufacture this for you.

Our extensive experience with injection molding, secures our knowledge and that all our products are manufactures in the highest quality available. We even utilize the best materials. This way, you can always be sure of getting a solid product that has a long durability.

We collaborate with others how offer injection molding

We function as a sub supplier for other companies who offer injection molding. These companies either lack the space or might not have the sufficient time to achieve all their tasks.

We are an international export company that sells to customers throughout Europe and several other countries outside of Europe. Most of our customers that need injection molding are wholesales and industries, as well as others who execute injection molding.

If you want to hear more about injection molding, including molds and tool, you can contact Top-Print International ApS by phone +45 48 18 32 11. You can also contact us by email Hereafter, we can submit a non-binding quotation or arrange a meeting.

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