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Clips and boxes​

​Top-Print International ApS started in 1961, and in 1973 we started to manufacture clips and boxes. Originally we were sub suppliers for Top-Print, however in 1981 we took over Top-Print. In that way, we became both the producer and supplier of office supplies, including clips and boxes.

Our clips reduce the space requirements by 20%

Our clips are used to archive documents from binders and the like. One advantage is that our clips reduce the papers space requirements by 20% when it is archived in a filing box. It is a practical tool for a company that handles a lot of papers and documents.

Our boxes can be delivered in different sizes and colors

Our boxes can be used as archive, magazine racks and the like. They are made of cardboard and we can deliver them in many different sizes and colors. Our clips and boxes are, in other words, usable as one, but can be used separately as well.

We have no limits for the size of an order

We have no limitations in how large quantities you can order, and we are very flexible in our work. In most cases we are able to deliver our goods from day to day. This means that you do not have to have a large storage unit. We deliver our clips and boxes throughout Europe and among other countries Australia.

Contact us at Top-Print International ApS by phone +45 48 18 32 11, or write to, if you want to hear more about our clips and boxes or get a non-binding quotation.

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